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Web & Mobile Design

Our approach to website design is to make beautiful websites that work excellently. Your web design is an extension of you, your company, or your brand – and we want you to be seen with your best foot forward. With the amount of competition out there, a visual pleasing, easy to navigate website can stand out from the crowd!

Design is more than the visual appearance, it is also the User Experience (UX). We keep visitors from bouncing off a web page by keeping information clear and concise with supportive photo and graphic elements. We focus heavily on understanding who your target is and design from that perspective. We favour a minimalist, photographic approach, with clear typography and a balanced palette, depending on the requirements for success.

Mobile Design

Mobile applications, whether web, Apple, or Android, are in increasing demand - and for good reason. Since mobile devices are replacing many laptop functions, we expect this trend to continue. We build all new websites with responsive design, to adjust and fit to mobile and tablet devices, as well as full size desktop monitors.

WordPress Custom Theme Design

WordPress is the most popular CMS framework in use today. We adopted Custom WordPress theme development early on, and expertly use it in many of our website builds today. Our clients love the ease of use, control, and plugin ready features it offers – whether from Germany, USA, or right here in Kelowna, BC CANADA.

Project Process: Getting Started

We spend a lot of time in our discovery process to ensure a thorough understanding of the problems the project we build for you will solve, and the impact it is having on your business. For large projects, we begin with a Roadmapping session, or Discovery Phase. This initial contract gives us the opportunity to work together to understand the project at a researched detail level, where we map out the requirements to build your web application with an accurate estimation of time and cost.

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Application Development

We use the best programming language fit for you project: Objective-C, JAVA, PHP, Javascript, Python, .NET, Ruby, Untiy. We focus on building a lightweight, MVP (minimum viable product) for startups or a fully featured web application depending on the project requirements.


We utilize a number of e-commerce platforms including: Authorize.net, Moneris, Woocommerce (WordPress) Paypal, and Stripe for our clients. We are experienced with building online stores, inventory systems, monthly membership sales, and virtual online class portals.

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Internet Marketing

Your website should make you money. Period. Whether it's through a direct sales pipeline, lead generation, online sales, or supportive branding, we plan a strategy that works for your target goals to get the most value out of your website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are many factors to getting easily found in search engines. It ultimately comes down to quality content, quality connections, and build quality. We build quality content by utilizing a variety of supporting media (video, images) to grammatically, easy to read copy. We focus on acquiring quality links from relevant sources, including engaging social media strategies, to connect to your website. We use standards compliant and best practices when building your site so that it loads quickly, and fits mobile devices to ensure a consistent user experience.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

The most common form of internet marketing is Google Adwords; pay-per-click (PPC) to drive search traffic for your relevant keywords to your website. We focus on getting you the best results from your PPC campaign by tracking your click conversions, and adjusting over time to get the best performance from your online advertising.

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